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Introducing Curvy

A puzzle game for Android phones using a simple, intuitive method to manipulate complex interwoven tiles.

Each puzzle consists of a grid of hexagonal tiles. On each tile appears a single or double set of lines, and each set of lines has its own color. These tiles must be rotated to find a solution in which all lines of the same color connect.

Curvy allows for 10 different grid sizes, providing puzzles that can be quickly solved as well as more complex versions encouraging a more extended game time. As you play, Curvy will save your progress whenever you leave the application (due to a phone call or other such interruption). When you're ready to return simply select "Continue" on the title screen of the game.

For more images and promotional materials see the Curvy Press Packet.

Curvy, via Chrome

Now more accessible than ever, Curvy is available through the chrome web store. Once you've installed the App, you can play Curvy in your browser just like on your Android Phone. Unlike the Android version, Curvy via Chrome allows for even larger puzzle sizes than before. Simply enter your dimensions and play.


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"Fun casual puzzle that is perfect for when you have a short period of time to play or your mind is on other things." by Daniel | June 8, 2011

"An original and genuinely enjoyable, fun little puzzler for all." by Andy | May 12, 2011

"Intuitive controls, simple gameplay and an incredibly fun experience." by Jacob | October 25, 2010

"Countless hours of boredom dismissed by this fantastic game" by Oded | December 11, 2010

"Great way to flex my brain muscle." by James | November 10, 2010

"A solid game. Highly recommended!" by BillOwnz | October 28, 2010

How To Install

If you have a barcode scanner installed you can use the QR Codes at the bottom of this page for direct market links. You can also just go to our 'download' section listed at the top of the screen. From there it will take you directly to the Curvy page on the Android market. Otherwise simply follow the instructions below to search via the Android Market.

  1. Start up the Android Market
  2. Search for Curvy
  3. Select either Curvy or Curvy Free!

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