FlamingLunchbox now presents Offti.me Cribbage. Following the same rules as the classic game, this version allows you to send a link to a friend and play a couple of games, or a thousand, on the same URL. Without the need for a login, you can play a quick game without the hassle of creating a profile. Simply click on the logo above.

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Cribbage Rules Tutorial

Offti.me Cribbage Tutorial

Offti.me Cribbage on the Chrome web store

Cribbage Updates to Come

Cribbage Press Packet

Cribbage Screen Shots

Below are some basic screen shots of our game.

Once Crib has been submitted it goes straight to play phase. Turns are indicated by a white arrow. Your cards are always shown on the bottom of the screen.

During play phase points are counted in a white rectangular box in the middle of the screen, as shown below.